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Gorilla Coms

The LOT (Logical Order of Thinking)

 Gorilla Coms

The subject of communications is something that people have a tendency to glaze over on because lets be honest... it can be boring, its not the coolest new gun/knife/camo...insert cool guy stuff.

Consider this, when you are on a hunt and you spot a bull elk that you know you need to down, but you end up stalking it half the day over the river and through the woods and when you finally get your shot and down that 800lb beast, how do you tell the guys at elk camp where you are and how to come help when you have no cell coverage?

An alternate scenario would be this... Turkey, 2023, business trip that you take your family on, a 7.8 earthquake hits while you are at the market getting breakfast for your family back in your hotel room. cell service is immediately disrupted, roads are blocked, chaos at a primal level. how do you check on your family when you know its gonna be hours before you can get back to your hotel room?... your cell phone doesn't make calls, but if you have gorilla coms you can message them and confirm their location on your personal mesh network.

What is it and how does it work:


Gorilla coms is a personal narrow band radio

"LoRa is a physical proprietary radio communication technique. It is based on spread spectrum modulation techniques derived from chirp spread spectrum technology. LoRaWAN defines the communication protocol and system architecture."

So in laymen terms its a little radio that works through communication with your cell phone and will send short text messages to other radios of a similar fashion. It is a self healing mesh network, meaning that the more radios you have the better chances you have of getting your message through.

All while requiring NO cellular signal.


The software that this device uses is called Meshtastic

This software is what will tell the radio how to send information and how to use it. it is a open source platform that is ever being improved by awesome people who have a passion for communications.


Gorilla coms come setup and ready to use. download the meshtasic app to your phone and begin

Here is a link to how Meshtastic recommends to download.



We are personally not trusting of Google so we will typically side-load any apps to Android. With Apple, you don't have any choice but to load from the app store.


More posts on this handy little offgrid communication tool in blog posts and youtube video to come.

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