Gorilla Coms part II

Gorilla Coms part II

Gorilla Coms – Iron Spear Outfitters

What is Gorilla Coms?

  • Gorilla coms is a ruggedized hardware solution for the application of a LORA based mesh network.
  • In simple terms… it is a small, ruggedized radio for off grid text messages within a mesh network.
  • Even simpler… it is a personal cell phone tower for text messages and GPS tracking that doesn't need your phone to have signal.
Gorilla Coms provides the following:
  • IP68 drop test rated
  • Magnetic Induction charging capable
  • USB-C fast charging capable (5amps)
  • 48hr standby time on the built in rechargeable 1000mAh battery (depending on radio/GPS settings)
  • Capable of sending messages up to (120Km tested to date, dependent on terrain/Settings/antenna)
  • Bluetooth or Serial connection to phone
    Gorilla coms
    What is a mesh network:
    A Mesh network in simplest terms a repeater system much like what you use for HAM radio. Using what is referred to as a node (Gorilla coms unit, which is a small radio) 2 nodes will work like a small handheld radio does with messages being passed from one Node/Radio to another. Now if you add more Node/Radios you create a mesh network that will automatically find the best way to get the message to its intended target.
    With all radio signals they are LS (Line of Sight) so if you have a obstruction between you and your partner node the signal will not pass through, but if you have an additional node either higher up or in between you will pass the message through to the 3rd node and onto the 2nd node.
    mesh network
    Encryption is handled by Meshtastic and by default is 128bit AES, but can be increased to 256bit AES
    Payload size:
    Payload is the size of the message that can be sent in one shot. The size is 240 Bytes
    (1 Byte = 1 Character)
    Meshtastic app/ links and information
    Download Links
    Software Installation and usage:
    Radio Configuration:
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