Why choose Gorilla Coms Vs DIY

Why choose Gorilla Coms Vs DIY

Hey its Quartermain. Why would you choose Gorilla coms over DIY, because lets face it DIY always seems cheaper. Boy this is a loaded question! I aim to answer as best I can.

So first let's cover what you can do all by your lonesome. If you have a cheap 3d printer and a few bucks and many hours to yourself you could... buy a TTGO/Heltec/Rak Lora radio base board, read a bunch of literature from any of those companies and then read some more info over at Meshtastic's website. 

cools beans, you know have a rudimentary understanding of how it works.

Now you'll need to download the correct firmware and install the firmware on the Lora radio, then install Meshtastic on your phone.

now you have a radio that "should" communicate with your phone. if you did everything right.

Now you'll need to go rip-off/borrow someone's existing case design, if you don't know how to measure electronics properly or work 3d parametric CAD. then spend some money printing cases until you get a good one.

from there its a matter of screwing/glueing it all together. congratulations!!! why are you even on our website now looking at Gorilla coms if you can do all that successfully? 

With the above case point you could totally do this yourself. many have and many have done really well with it. So here is where the rubber meets the road. How do I prove to you that it's better to just buy Gorilla coms?


First off, who are we? or better Question, why do we feel qualified to do what we do?

A. We are a group of people who have been making/designing/using/Training with MIL/LEO community for over 2 decades. We have OEM/White labeled/designed products for an extraordinary number of companies that I'm sure you have used or at the very least heard of.

Engineers, machinists, shooters, hunters, bush crafters, farmers, outdoorsmen. In general, we are well rounded.

We don't believe in producing things that can't stand the test of time.


Next, why should you buy Gorilla coms Vs DIY, or a cheaper alternative?

A. We have created a ruggedized hardware solution for Meshtastic.

  • IP68 rated
  • Only the best Lora Radio boards from RAK wireless used
  • All electronics are potted to protect from shock and vibration.
  • Selective Laser sintered cases, not FDM 3d printed garbage
  • Magnetic induction charging
  • Tuned Antenna system, no cheap coax, only RG178 RF shielded cables
  • 48hr battery
  • compact/in-house designed rugged case
  • USB-C fast charging capable

So from there, what do I need to say? 

Only thing I can think of is to ask you a question...

Would you rather be using a communications system that has been proven to work under rugged conditions and been engineered by people who know what they are doing? or would you rather spend your off time studying and trying to make something we already perfected, because you want to save a few bucks?


God Bless,


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