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Gorilla Coms 2 pack

Gorilla Coms 2 pack

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This item is a 2 pack of Gorilla Coms that is discounted. 

Life is uncertain. Going out into the wilderness for a hunt with your partners or just keeping in touch with loved ones during an emergency can be challenging when we rely solely on cellular connections. Radios that use GMRS or MURs can also be spotty when it comes to short range communication due to the way they broadcast.

This rugged communications device is small, durable, and since it sends short burst radio transmissions has the potential to communicate with other devices at a much higher probability than a regular radio would.

All with 128 or 256AES encryption.

and... Android/IOS/Windows/Linux compatible

Gorilla Coms provides the following:

  • IP68 drop test rated.
  • Magnetic Induction charging capable.
  • USB-C fast charging capable (5amps)
  • 48hr standby time on the built in rechargeable 1000mAh battery (depending on radio/GPS settings)
  • Capable of sending messages up to (120Km tested to date, dependent on terrain/Settings/antenna)
  • Bluetooth or Serial connection to phone

This tool will allow you to create your own text message-based communications platform that uses the phone already in your pocket. A self-healing mesh network that is controlled by you and not some far off mega corporation.

No Cellular network or WiFi connection needed.

The software that this tool uses is called Meshtastic, and is an open source LoRa radio application.

"LoRa is a physical proprietary radio communication technique. It is based on spread spectrum modulation techniques derived from chirp spread spectrum technology. It was developed by Cycleo, a company of Grenoble, France, later acquired by Semtech. LoRaWAN defines the communication protocol and system architecture."

Check out the side of our website dedicated to your communications journey.

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Iron Spear Outfitters is not affiliated with Meshtastic. Meshtastic is an open-source messaging app designed to work with Lora radios and is free to use.

"Meshtastic® is a registered trademark of Meshtastic LLC. Meshtastic software components are released under various licenses, see GitHub for details. No warranty is provided - use at your own risk."


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